Cosplay Contest Rules

1. All costumes must adhere to our Costume Rules & Policies.
2. Only one costume entry allowed per participant.

3. Parents may accompany children onto the stage in the Children’s Costume Contest.
4. All contestants must be on time to line up and receive instructions before the Contest begins. Late entries are not allowed.

5. Costumes that placed 1st – 3rd at previous South Texas Comic Con events will not be eligible for prizes at this event.
6. To be eligible for a prize in the Adult Category, at least 70% of the costume must be made by the wearer. If a model is wearing the costume in the contest, the creator must be present for the costume to win a prize.

Judging (For Adult Category only)

Each contestant will be judged using a scoring system.
Criteria consists of two main categories – Craftsmanship (construction, design, accuracy) and Performance (stage presence, crowd impact).

Performance Rules

1. Contestants will have 30 seconds to walk onto the stage and pose for the audience and judges.
2. Microphones will not be provided to contestants during the contest.
3. We will not be accepting lighting or audio requests.
4. Large costumes should allow the wearer freedom to move and navigate steps/ramps. Fan Weekend staff may not be available to assist you, so if any assistance is needed you may have up to two of your own assistants help you across the stage.

General Cosplay and Conduct Rules

1. Fan Weekend is a family friendly event. Costumes deemed lewd, obscene or offensive by Fan Weekend or McAllen Convention Center staff will not be permitted into the event.
2. Please be considerate of other attendees and be aware of your surroundings. Disruptive or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.

3. Bags and backpacks are allowed, but are subject to a bag check at the discretion of McAllen Convention Center staff.
4. Some form of footwear is required, bare feet will not be permitted while on the convention floor for your safety.
5. Pictures and video taken by Fan Weekend official photographers and videographers during the event are the property of South Texas Conventions LLC and may be used by South Texas Conventions LLC for advertising and promotion of future events.