Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor at STXCC 2017!


Please read all policies listed below on this page BEFORE purchasing

By purchasing your space you are agreeing to all terms of the agreement.



Set Up Hours
Thursday, April 27 • 12pm – 8pm
Friday, April 28 • 6am – 11am
Satuday, April 29 • 8am – 10am
Sunday, April 30 • 8am -10am

Set up is not permitted once doors have opened to the public. All vendors and artists must load in through back loading dock.

See the Move In Map here

Event Hours
Friday, April 28 • 11am – 8pm
Saturday, April 29 • 10am – 7pm
Sunday, April 30 • 10am – 6pm

Tear Down Hours
Sunday, April 30 • 6pm  – 10pm


Each space includes a printed sign with your company’s name and complimentary Wi-Fi provided by the venue.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Exhibitors who cancel exhibit space more than 90 days prior to the opening day of the event will be refunded their purchase price minus a $50.00 Cancellation Fee. Exhibitors who cancel exhibit space less than 90 days prior to the opening day of the event, but more than 60 days prior to the opening day of the event, will be refunded 50% of total purchase price. There will be no refunds for cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the opening day of the event.

TEXAS SALES TAX: It is required by Texas Law that all sellers have an active Texas Sales Tax Permit. Your Texas Sales Tax I.D. number should be provided to South Texas Comic Con upon reservation of Exhibitor Space. If you do not have a Texas Sales Tax I.D. number at the time of your reservation you may still reserve your space but will be required to provide a copy of your Texas Sales Tax Permit before setting up to sell at the event. If your Texas Sales Tax Permit is inactive you are required to update it prior to selling at the event. Texas law requires an 8.25% sales tax be charged on purchases made inside the state.
It’s free to apply for a Texas sales tax permit. Register online at

NO-BOOTLEG POLICY: Our No-Bootleg Policy will be in effect during the event. Under no circumstances shall exhibitors display or sell grey market goods, otherwise known as “bootleg”, “pirated” or “counterfeit” merchandise. Possession or sale of unauthorized materials is at the exhibitor’s own risk. Items found to be in violation will be removed from display for sale immediately.

BOOTH/TABLE PLACEMENT: Please be aware that booth and table placement is solely decided by South Texas Comic Con. We ask for your top 3 placement picks when you purchase your spot, and we will make every effort to place you in one of those three, pending availability.

EXTRA EXHIBITOR PASSES – Every Vendor Market and Artist Alley space includes 2 Exhibitor Passes. Additional Exhibitor Passes may be purchased during check in for $30 each. Limit to 1 additional pass per Artist Alley table. Limit to 2 additional passes per 10x10 space.

ELECTRICITY – Electricity can be purchased from the McAllen Convention Center for $65 if purchased in advance. Please use the Electrical Work Order Form to purchase your electricity in advance. Electricity can also be purchased during Set Up hours on Friday April 28th for $75.

PIPE AND DRAPE – Pipe and drape can be purchased during set up hours, and are not included with the purchase of your booth.

FOOD AND DRINK: Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the McAllen Convention Center.

FOOD VENDORS – Food vendors are subject to approval by the McAllen Convention Center. Contact us for more information.

BOOTHS AND TABLES PURCHASED MUST BE OCCUPIED BY PURCHASER DURING EVENT HOURS. Early tear down is not permitted. If your booth is not set up or is unoccupied during event hours it may be claimed by South Texas Comic Con without refund.

VENDOR MARKET DISPLAY GUIDELINES – Vendors may bring their own tables, grid wall, shelving etc. to build displays. Displays must not extend into another exhibitor’s space or into aisles. If your display does not adhere to these policies you will be asked to rearrange your display.

ARTIST ALLEY DISPLAY GUIDELINES – Grid and shelving displays are permitted on the tabletop only. Easels and banners are allowed on the floor directly behind your table, but cannot extend more than 3 feet behind the table. Displays must not block space between tables, extend into another artists’ space or into aisles. If your display does not adhere to these policies you will be asked to rearrange your display.

– Helium balloons, glitter, candles, confetti, and streamers are not allowed.
– Use of tape or adhesive products, nails, tacks, pins, etc. on any surface in the facility is not allowed.
– Fire hose cabinets, fire pull stations, aisle ways and exits may not be blocked or obstructed.
– Open flames, toxic or hazardous material are not permitted in the facility.