Efren Ramirez

Appearing: All 3 Days

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Efren Ramirez

  • Appearing: All 3 Days
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  • Efren Ramirez has been working as a professional actor for the entirety of his adult life. Initially, his career consisted of guest appearances on television, as he appeared in diverse character roles on “E.R.”, “AMERICAN DAD”, “JUDGING AMY”, “THE DISTRICT”, “THE DISTRICT”, “BOSTON PUBLIC”, and “SCRUBS.”

However, it was his memorable portrayal of “PEDRO” in the feature film “NAPOLEON DYNAMITE” that dramatically launched what has become a hugely prolific acting career with an unusually diverse series of performances in Film, Television, Drama, Comedy…every imaginable medium and genre.

In the years since that film was released, Efren Ramirez has appeared in scores of films and network television shows including leading roles in the HBO film “WALKOUT”, with Edward James Olmos, “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH” opposite Dane Cook and Dax Shepard, “CRANK” and “CRANK HIGH VOLTAGE” opposite Jason Statham; (playing his own twin brother in the sequel), “GAMER” with Gerard Butler, “WHEN IN ROME” with Kristen Bell, “HOUSE OF MY FATHER” opposite Will Farrell, HBO’s “EASTBOUND AND DOWN” with Danny McBride, “MIDDLE SCHOOL” with Lauren Graham and Andy Daly, “ICE” with Jeremy Sisto, “PERPETUAL GRACE LTD” with Sir Ben Kingsley, and “MONSTERS OF GOD” with Garret Dillahunt, and “FBI MOST WANTED” with Dillon Mcdermott. Efren’s range of voiceover work consists of countless characters in such animated series as “BORDERTOWN”, “THE CASAGRANDE’S”, “ROBOT CHICKEN”, “AMERICAN DAD”, and the animated series of “NAPOLEON DYNAMITE”.

Most recently Efren has appeared in the HBO MAX series “MADE FOR LOVE” and stars in the upcoming films “7 CEMETERIES,” “PALEFACE,” and “THE TRAVELER”. You can presently find him in DISNEY/PIXAR’s highly anticipated animated film, “LIGHTYEAR” playing “Airman Diaz” opposite Chris Evans..

Beyond acting, Ramirez is a DJ, author, and frequently speaks to students at high schools and universities.