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+ What is South Texas Comic Con?

South Texas Comic Con is a pop culture celebration where fans of comic books, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming and other genres can gather to meet artists, actors, writers and fellow fans. Attendees can enjoy autograph sessions, photo ops and live speaking panels with celebrities, watch our cosplay contests, attend art workshops and fan panels, play in our video and card gaming tournaments, shop the Artist Alley and Vendor Market, play in The Kid Zone and so much more.

What do I get with a ticket?

Your ticket will get you into the event and gives you access to all the live celebrity speaking panels for that day on our MAIN STAGE and SIDE STAGES where our celebrity guests will entertain you with performances, skits, behind the scenes stories from their time filming the TV shows and movies you love and more. You also get access to our vendor market with collectibles and memorabilia, with vendors from all over the United States, our KIDZONE with story time, martial arts & musical performances for kids as well as pop-culture & science related art activities, our GAMEZONE with console games, tournaments and a classic arcade, COMIC CON AFTER HOURS featuring pop-culture themed musical performances and DJ's as well as other entertainment throughout the day. Celebrity autographs & photos are not included with your ticket purchase and can be purchased separately at the Celebrity booth or the professional photo op booth.

+ When and where is South Texas Comic Con ?

The 8th annual South Texas Comic Con returns to the Mcallen Convention Center in McAllen, Texas Friday April 28th – Sunday April 30th, 2023.


+ Where can I purchase passes?

Pre-sale passes can be purchased online or in an outlet before the event. At the door tickets are also available the day of in the lobby at the McAllen Convention Center during event hours.

+ Can I get a refund for my ticket?

South Texas Comic Con has a no-refund policy. If you cannot attend the event you are welcome to make other arrangements like selling your ticket or giving it away.

+ Do you offer group discounts?

South Texas Comic Con is happy to offer group discounts for for public and private schools (Elementary – High School). Please contact us for more information.


+ Can you replace my wristband if it has been lost?

South Texas Comic Con will not replace lost or removed wristbands. Please leave wristbands on overnight for re-entry into the event the following day. Multi-day wristbands are water and tear resistant.

Celebrity Guests

+ Which celebrity guests will be in attendance?

Check this page for the most up to date information about the celebrity guests that will be appearing at South Texas Comic Con 2022.

+ Are all guests guaranteed to appear at the event?

All guests that have been officially announced by us have committed to attend the event, however, all celebrity guests have the right to cancel their appearance if certain circumstances require it. If a guest cancels their appearance it will immediately be announced on our website and social media pages. Please be aware that South Texas Comic Con will not refund tickets due to guest cancellations.

+ Do I need a special pass to meet the celebrity guests?

You will not need a special pass to meet a celebrity guest. Attendees with VIP Passes will be granted priority in lines for photo ops, autographs, and panels. Please be aware that our celebrity guests will take breaks throughout the day. Some guests may leave the event shortly before it ends, so please do not wait until the end of the day to get your autographs and photo ops.

+ How do I meet the celebrity guest I am coming to see?

Each celebrity will have their own booth in the autograph area. It is generally free to meet and talk to celebrities in the autograph area while autographs and photos are available for purchase.

+ How can I get an autograph from a celebrity guest?

If you would like to purchase an autograph from your favorite celebrity you can find their booth in the Autograph Area. Once there you can wait in line to get your autograph or photo. Event staff or volunteers will be there to direct you and answer any questions you might have.

+ Will I be charged for autographs?

Autograph fees vary per the guest. Some comic book and cosplay guests may not charge for autographs or photos, while our TV and film guests generally have a fee for purchasing autographs and taking photos. Prices are listed here as they become available for us to post. Please note that these prices are subject to change. At the event prices will be clearly posted at each autograph booth.

+ Can I bring my own items to be signed?

Yes, you can. Please be aware there may be an additional fee for personal items. At the event prices will be clearly posted at each autograph booth.

+ Are there any rules I must follow in the Autograph Area?

Please be aware that you may be asked not to photograph celebrities from a distance, it is generally not allowed. You may take photos (but not record) during the Q&A Panels.

+ I have a VIP Pass with the Early Access and Line Jump Perks, can my child accompany me?

Yes, up to 2 children ages 12 and under can enter the event early with you and join you in the autograph line. Children ages 6 – 12 will need a Kid’s Pass to enter the event. Children 5 years old and younger do not need a pass. Any children over the age of 12 will need to have their own VIP Pass in order to qualify for VIP Perks.

Professional Photo Ops

+ What are Professional Photo Ops?

Professional Photo Ops are available for attendees to have a professional photo taken with their favorite celebrity guest. Photo Ops are taken by a professional photographer and include an 8″x10″ print that is ready within minutes of your Photo Op. Each celebrity guest will have a photo op scheduled at some point during the event. The official schedule will be released closer to the event so you can plan ahead. Find out more and purchase here.

+ How do Photo Ops work?

If you have purchased your photo ops in advance you will need to redeem the ticket that was sent to you via email. When you arrive at the event just look for the Photo Op Area in the exhibit hall, it will be listed on the map on the event program you can get at the Info Booth. There you will find staff who will direct you through the photo op process. Keep an eye on any possible changes to the photo ops schedule, as the guests will only be doing photo ops during those specific times. The schedule will always be posted online and changes will be announced via our website and social media pages.

+ How much do Photo Ops cost?

Photo Op pricing varies for each guest. Prices are listed here.

+ Can I buy Photo Ops online?

Yes, you will be able to buy photo ops online before the event. Photo Ops that do not sell out will be available for purchase at the event. Pre-order yours here.

+ Can I take pictures with celebrities in the Autograph Area?

Some celebrity guests may charge a fee for photos taken with your own camera at their booth in the Autograph Area. All autograph, photo and professional photo op pricing will be posted as we announce our guests for the event.


+ I have a VIP Pass with the Priority Panel Seating Perk, can my child sit with me in the area reserved for VIP attendees during panels?

Due to limited reserved priority seating, VIP attendees with children will be seated after all other VIP attendees have been seated, but before general admission attendees. Up to 2 children per paid VIP adult. Please be aware that seating is limited.

+ Is this event for children?

South Texas Comic Con is a family friendly event with activities for children of all ages. Children 5 years old and younger are welcome free with an adult. Children ages 6 – 12 may buy a discounted Kid’s Pass.

+ How many children are allowed to enter free per paid adult?

Up to 3 children (Ages 5 and under only) are allowed to enter the event free per one paid adult. Additional children may buy a discounted child pass.

+ How do the Kid’s Passes work?

You may purchase a discounted Kid’s 1 Day or Weekend Pass for your child aged 6 – 12 years old.

+ I have a VIP Pass with the Early Access and Line Jump Perks, can my child accompany me?

Yes, up to 2 children ages 12 and under can enter the event early with you and join you in the autograph line. Children ages 6 – 12 will need a Kid’s Pass to enter the event. Children 5 years old and younger do not need a pass. Any children over the age of 12 will need to have their own VIP Pass in order to qualify for VIP Perks.


+ Where can I find a schedule of panels and events?

You can plan ahead for South Texas Comic Con by viewing the schedule online. When you arrive at the event you can pick up a free event program from the Information Booth. In addition to the Q&A panels we will also be hosting several special events including interactive workshops, group discussions, speakers and more.

+ How do I attend the panels?

Find out when and where the panels will be held by by viewing the schedule and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the panel is scheduled to begin so you can get in line. Attendees with a VIP Pass will be seated before general admission. Please be aware that seating is limited.

+ What happens during a panel?

Most of our celebrity guest panels will be led by a moderator and have a Q&A portion. Selected audience questions will be read and answered during the Q&A portion of the panel.

+ Are there any rules for attending the panels?

Disruption of panels will not be tolerated. Attendees are not allowed onstage during any panel or event unless they are instructed to be onstage by event staff. Questions must be relevant to the Guest/Panel and be appropriate for an all age audience.


+ How can I become an exhibitor at the event?

To become an exhibitor, please apply here


+ Can I come in costume?

Many of the attendees will be in “cosplay” or wearing costumes of their favorite characters. All genres of costumes are welcome, including anime, comic book, video game, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, television and film, pop culture, etc.

+ Do you have any rules for cosplay?

Yes we do, check them out here. Security and staff will enforce all cosplay rules and our Anti-Harassment Policy for the safety of all of our attendees. We also require prop weapons to be inspected by venue or event staff before you enter the venue. Bag checks are also mandatory.

+ Will there be a Cosplay Contest?

We will be hosting Cosplay Contests for both children and adults throughout the weekend. Find out more by seeing it in our listing of events here.

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