1. Attendees are permitted to bring cameras to the event.
  2. Please ask permission before photographing attendees, vendors or anyone else in attendance at the event.
  3. Do not obstruct walkways, entrances or exits when photographing/recording.
  4. Interviewing/recording celebrity guests is not permitted. Purchase of video recordings/shoutouts is offered by some celebrity guests in attendance, however if you ask to interview a celebrity guest in the autograph booth you will be asked to leave the booth.
  5. Photographing/recording celebrity guests at a distance while they are in their autograph booth is not permitted.
  6. Large lighting setups/equipments are not permitted on the convention floor without prior written approval.
  7. Pictures and video taken by South Texas Comic Con official photographers and videographers during the event are the property of South Texas Conventions LLC and may be used by South Texas Conventions LLC for advertising and promotion of future events.